Heating Clear

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Safe, efficient, quick, easy. Why use anything else?
With dual motion sensors, your working experience has never been easier or more comfortable. BK-Medent's Heating Clear is more than just a compact device, it will greatly increase safety and boost production efficiency.

Stifle the open flame.
Replace your Bunsen burners and open flame devices with Heating Clear. Using simple induction heating principles, our extremely safe alternative virtually eliminates the possibility of burns or fire.

Heating Clear can be used on all types of metal instruments. It is quick to heat, yet energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Technicians can use their desired wax tools with confidence. Heating Clear is an equally effective choice for both crown and bridge or removable technicians.

Easy to use.
Without a bulky converter, you just plug Heating Clear in. When the instrument is placed in the opening, the sensors are triggered and heating begins. Blinking lights notify the user if an instrument has been in too long. Our smart LED light allows users to determine if the device is in heating or stand-by mode. Clean up is a snap, instruments are cleaner and no soot particles are left behind.


BK-Medent Heating Clear Instructions


Technical Specifications

Overall Size 91 mm X 209 mm X 89 mm
Weight 530 grams
Rated Voltage 115 V
BK-Medent Part No. B-920