Uni Waxer

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Fusing 3 Waxing Tools in 1
The BK-Medent Uni Waxer is a true innovation in waxing technology. All waxing needs are brought together and satisfied in one compact unit – providing technicians with the ultimate waxing device. The Uni Waxer integrates a flame-free wax instrument heater, a digital wax dipping pot and an electric waxing pencil in a truly unique and functional way.

The Uni Waxer gives technicians the option to use one, two or all three functions at one time – in whatever configuration they require. Reduce bench clutter by replacing your Bunsen burners, dipping pots and electric waxers with this one device. The Uni Waxer does it all!

Induction Heating
The flameless wax instrument heater allows technicians to quickly and safely heat all types of waxing instruments. Equipped with dual motion sensors once the instrument is placed into the opening, it takes only seconds for the instrument to become heated and ready for use. The wax instrument heater is the safe alternative to open flame devices, while being energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

- Visual indication when device is in heating mode
- Sensitivity of sensors is adjusted by pressing the arrow buttons up or down
- Allows users to quickly move between different instruments
- Keeps instruments clean, no soot to contaminate the wax

Wax Dipping Pot
The digital wax dipping pot heats up quickly, melting the wax and keeping it ready for use. Users can rely on a consistent temperature that results in copings of the desired thickness. When the wax pot is not in use, it is covered by a sliding lid that protects both the wax from debris and the user from the hot wax.

- Generously sized wax pot
- Simple temperature controls
- Quickly heats up and melts wax
- Protective lid easily slides to the side to reveal dipping pot

Electric Waxer
The electric waxing pencil can be used for all types of tasks, including buildup, sealing margins and attaching sprues to the wax pattern. Delivered with the #3 medium probe style waxing tip, the Uni Waxer has 6 other tips available. In addition, this wax pencil can accommodate wax tips from many other waxing devices.

- Lightweight handle stays cool and has a comfortable grip
- Easily set the temperature between 50°C – 200°C
- Heat resistant cable with simple plug-in connection
- Waxing handpiece rests in a convenient holder with an integrated magnet to ensure that it stays put



BK-Medent Uni Waxer Instructions


Technical Specifications

Overall Size 160 mm X 135 mm X 85 mm
Weight 600 grams
Rated Voltage 115 V
BK-Medent Part No. B-930
Tip Included #3 Medium Probe (PKT 2)