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BK Wax Brush

  • BK Wax Brush
  • Removing wax shavings with BK Wax Brush

There are many brushes that can be called wax brushes, but only one that truly does the job. The BK-Medent Wax Brush is manufactured using tightly packed bristles that have the perfect firmness to easily remove excess wax carvings from dental wax patterns. As the BK Wax Brush completes its task it will not damage the wax pattern or leave scratches behind due to the very smooth and soft bristle ends. With bristles that are 22 mm long, dental technicians are able to use the BK Wax Brush to get into all areas of the wax pattern to remove shavings.

  • Excellent elasticity
  • Durable bristle for long life span
  • Will not damage wax surface
  • Can also be used on porcelain and other materials

Technical Specifications

Overall Length 153 mm
Bristle Length 22 mm
BK-Medent Part No. B-910

Item 71230
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