Cera-Mix: Pure liquid magic


Cera-Mix Porcelain Modeling Liquid is the cure for your porcelain ills. From eliminating steam tears to enhancing the color and vitality of the powders, Cera-Mix can help ceramists achieve remarkable finished restorations.

Giving color a boost

Cera-Mix is compatible with all types of porcelain and works by allowing the porcelain particles to become denser and more tightly packed. This results in better handling characteristics, but also enhances the color of the powders, resulting in precise shades and beautiful restorations.

Total control

Porcelain mixed with Cera-Mix is transformed into a more workable mixture by taking on a firmer, plasticized consistency. This makes the build-up process easier, while simplifying the contouring and carving tasks. Dental laboratories can expand their possibilities by using Cera-Mix with dry trays, wetting trays and our BK-Medent mixing palettes - without increasing the drying time of the porcelain.

Stability and predictability

In addition to better control and colors, Cera-Mix helps increase the stability and reliability of the porcelain powders during the firing cycles. This gives the technician the confidence to make multiple firings without the fear or degrading shades or contours.

Consumer reports

Technicians around the country are constantly sharing how switching to Cera-Mix help solve many of the different problems they face with their porcelain. They report that it gives them superior results, eliminating steam tears, lifting and how Cera-Mix creates the capability to produce perfect margins.

Don't delay, get your magic in a bottle today by requesting a free sample Cera-Mix Modeling Liquid.