Cera-Mix Porcelain Modeling Liquid, 8 oz

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Vacalon Cera-Mix Modeling Liquid gives any type of dental porcelain a firmer, plasticized texture that makes build-up, contouring and carving a more simplified task. Cera-Mix allows the individual porcelain particles to become denser and more tightly packed, enhancing the color and vitality of the powders.

In addition to making porcelain more predictable and better handling, Cera-Mix increases the stability of the porcelain powders. This will  give dental technicians the confidence to make multiple firings without the fear of degrading shades or contours.

  • Use with any brand or type of porcelain
  • Predictable and reliable results
  • Eliminate steam tears and lifting
  • Delivers more precise shades
  • Does not increase drying time