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Schick Dental

G1-Concept Pinhole Drilling Unit

  • G1-Concept Pinhole Drill
  • G1 Drill - No tolls required to replace drill bit

Drilling holes in the underside of models is necessary for accurately fixation of model pins, and the process has worked more or less comfortably to date. However, problems arise when the drill holes and the device become contaminated with drilling dust. This is where the Schick G1-Concept surpasses other pinning devices. By offering a direct connection to an external suction device the Schick G1-Concept immediately evacuates all dust while the drilling takes place. This leaves a clean model and allows pins to be immediately inserted after drilling.

  • Laser point for precise positioning of drill holes
  • Clean drill holes and equipment via external suction
  • Unique working method of pulling up, instead of pushing down assures a secure grip on the model
  • ALS, or Auto-Lock-System allows drill bits to be changed without tools
  • Drill depth gauge via external adjusting knob
  • Powerful motor for extra-hard plasters and model materials
  • Easily adjusted to sitting or standing working positions


G1-Concept Pinhole Drilling Unit Instructions (PDF | 1.1 mb)
G1-Concept Pinhole Drilling Unit Video


Technical Specifications

Dimensions 160 mm X 320 mm X 280 mm
Weight 2.4 kg
Rated Voltage 115 V
Rated Frequency 50/60 Hz
Change of Drill Bit ALS - requires no tools
Speed 7500 rpm
Drill Depth Adjustment 0 - 12.5 mm, stepless
Laser Category 2
Laser Wavelength 650 nm
Warranty 1 year warranty.

Item 60300

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