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Opaque Painting Stick

  • BK Opaque Painting Stick
  • Opaque Painting Stick - Ball shaped end
  • Opaque Painting Stick - Easy to use
  • Opaque Painting Stick - Uniform layers
  • Opaque Painting Stick - Controlled application

Whether working with metal frameworks or all-ceramics, the first step in the porcelain build-up process is typically the application of a thin, even layer of opaque slurry, liquid liner or modifier. Using the Opaque Painting Stick allows any technician to complete this task with consummate ease.

The Opaque Painting Stick is made from a tempered glass to give it increased strength, durability and offer years of trouble free use. After the stick is formed it is polished to a high luster to ensure the smoothest possible surface. The length, diameter and shape are all calculated precisely to offer a well balanced instrument that reduces user fatigue.

  • Easily apply thin, uniform layers of material
  • Controlled placement of material
  • Use with opaque, liners and modifiers
  • Dual ball shaped ends
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design
  • Great for applying liners to Zirconia and pressable ceramics


Opaque Painting Stick Video


Technical Specifications

Overall Length 170 mm
End Dimensions Dual ball shaped end est. @ 2 mm dia.
BK-Medent Part No. B-120

Item 71311
In Stock

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