Porcelain Mixing Stick

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The length of the Porcelain Mixing Stick, along with the curvature, makes it extremely comfortable to handle and to use. Using the flat end, technicians can dispense the desired amount of porcelain on their working surface. The long, flat spatula type end is perfect for scooping porcelain out of small containers and is angled so that the porcelain will stay on the spatula.

The Porcelain Mixing Stick is also a useful tool for mixing porcelain to the proper consistency and mixing various shades of porcelain. It makes the perfect addition to any porcelain tray.

  • Made from strong tempered glass
  • Dispense desired amount of porcelain
  • Mix porcelain without contamination
  • Scoop from even the smallest jars
  • Ergonomic design

Technical Specifications

Overall Length 144 mm
End Dimensions 15 mm flat section
BK-Medent Part No. B-110