BK Honeycomb Firing Trays & Pegs, Set B

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Integrity built to last and outlast the competition.
BK Honeycomb Firing Trays can withstand countless firing cycles without breaking down and remain intact after constant usage. With two different peg sets available, firing has never been safer and easier.

Beat the heat.
Confidence is natural when working with our trays. Made from a high grade ceramic material, our trays are able to withstand high temperatures. High mechanical strength keeps our trays from breaking apart under the hottest circumstances and over long periods of time. Our trays offer sealed edges for extra durability.

Get better results.
With even heating and cooling, our Honeycomb trays produce solid results.Firing is efficient, as our white color reflects heat onto restorations. Our variety of peg and sleeve options give you the proper support needed, even for larger crowns.

Custom work needs custom options.
All of our trays work with our Fiber-Free material to ensure a non-stick experience and quality results. Our metal and ceramic pegs are easy to use, can be bent as needed to provide the necessary support, and come in a variety of sizes. The metal pegs are specially treated and are a great choice for all types of cases, including pressable ceramic and other all-ceramic materials. With the ceramic sleeves of Set B, metal pegs are easily covered to offer larger support options.

  • Highly durable
  • Even heating and cooling
  • Metal pins are perfect choice for all-ceramic restorations, including Zirconia
  • Ceramic sleeves offer added support for PFM restorations
  • Metal pins can be adjusted for custom support
  • Works great with Vacalon Fiber-Free


What's in the box:

  • (2) Honeycomb Firing Trays
  • (10) Metal Pegs
  • (5) Ceramic Sleeves, 2 Large + 3 Small

Technical Specifications

Tray Diameter 70 mm (2.75")
Grid Specifications 1 mm X 1 mm squares