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Picaba Kolinsky Porcelain Brush, #00

  • Picaba Kolinsky Porcelain Brush - #00
  • Picaba Kolinsky Brushes - Complete series
  • Picaba Kolinsky Brushes - The perfect tip

The #00 Picaba Natural Kolinsky Brush has a very fine tip perfect for intricate tasks, such as staining. The brush diameter is 0.8 mm and the length is 7 mm.

Perfectly Constructed to fit the needs of any technician.
Introducing a quality line of eight brushes designed to meet the specific porcelain handling needs expressed by laboratories and technicians. Picaba Kolinsky Brushes are created from the finest raw materials using innovative construction to satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding ceramist.

Handcrafted with purpose.
Each brush goes through an average of ten to twelve manual operations to achieve utmost excellence. In the final step of production, each Picaba brush receives an exclusive curing treatment to ensure long-lasting shape and to increase its spring and recovery.

The finest materials make a quality brush.
Our brushes are made using the finest grade Kolinsky sable hairs, offering an incredible capacity for moisture retention that allows for optimal control of porcelain powders. The tufts of our brushes are resilient, delivering a long lasting sharp tip with the desirable amount of tension and strength.

Connection is key.
Splitting and shedding are eliminated with our unique triple-crimp method, perfectly interlocking the nickel-plated brass ferrule to its comfortable, lightweight wooden handle. In addition, our brushes' durability is extended with our exclusive curing process.

  • Natural hairs have the desirable amount of tension for picking up large amounts of porcelain
  • Pure Kolinsky hairs are never blended with lesser grades of hair
  • Extremely sharp tip that is easy to form and will not fray
  • Optimal moisturizing of porcelain powders
  • Undergoes an exclusive curing process to ensure long-lasting tuft shape
  • Well constructed for excellent durability, with no splitting or shedding

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