Porcelain Carving Tool

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The Porcelain Carving Tool is a dual ended instrument that makes carving and adding anatomy to porcelain a simple task. The instrument has a flexible, serrated needle-type tip that slices through porcelain with ease. It is extremely thin, so ceramists can easily create precise anatomical depressions. It also allows easy sectioning or reducing of shapes that need re-working. The fine tip also makes it a great choice for adjusting interproximal areas.

The opposite end of this carving tool is curved, making it ideal for shaping porcelain. The curved end helps to smooth out working areas for a clean, finished result.

  • Helps add or adjust occlusal anatomy
  • Easily create desired shapes in incisal and transparent materials
  • Offers a variety of uses
  • Use on all types of restoration
  • Made from stainless steel

Technical Specifications

Overall Length 103 mm
Tool Ends 22 mm long serrated needle type blade + Curved Tool
BK-Medent Part No. B-160