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Porcelain Powder Scoop Set

  • Porcelain Powder Scoop Set
  • Powder Scoop Set - 4 size scoops
  • Powder Scoop Set - Easily dispense measured amounts
  • Powder Scoop Set - Durable storage case

These elegantly designed, stainless steel scoops allow technicians to achieve a high level of precision when mixing custom shades. As shade selection continues to evolve into a scientifically based art form, technicians need the ability to accurately and repeatedly mix custom shades. The Powder Scoop Set removes the guesswork when dispensing porcelain powders, maximizing accuracy and minimizing waste.

The set includes two instruments, offering four different size metric scoops. They can be used with porcelain powders, resins and virtually any other type of powdered material. Their slim shape allows them to fit into even the smallest container, and the extremely smooth surface allows for easy removal of material from the inside of the scoop. In addition, they offer a clean way to add powders to the working surface without contaminating the other materials.

  • Accurately reproduce shades
  • Made from quality stainless steel
  • Accurate measurement of all types of powders
  • Evenly balanced for comfortable handling
  • Four different scoop sizes (0.02 gr/0.05 gr and 0.1 gr/0.3 gr)


Powder Scoop Set Video


Technical Specifications

Scoop Length 160 mm
Scoop Sizes B-510A: 0.3 + 0.1 grams
B-510B: 0.05 + 0.02 grams
BK-Medent Part No. B-510

Item 71341
In Stock

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