Porcelain Stain Brush Set

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Superior brushes. Beautiful results.
As the demand for aesthetic restorations rise, BK-Medent offers the perfect porcelain stain brushes to harmonize artistry with accuracy. With three different size brush tips of excellent quality, and an ideal handle, ceramists have optimal control. Even the smallest amounts of material can be portioned accurately.

Our Stain Brush Set tips are unique. Shorter than normal brushes, their resulting flexibility protects them from splitting under pressure. You can be confident in the ability to penetrate into the deepest of fissures. With our brush tips, you will notice increased stability and experience complete control over you desired stain placement.

Handle with ease.
The three interchangeable tips are quick and easy to change on the handle. Made from brushed aluminum, the handle is well balanced giving you the comfortable grip you want.

Multi-purpose. Durability.
Specifically made for the staining technique, our brushes surpass expectation. Whether you plan to use stains, modifiers, glazes, liners or correction materials – these brushes will do the job well. They are perfect for use on all-ceramic cases. Made from an extremely durable kolinsky bristle, our brushes will maintain their quality for long periods of use.

  • Made from a special, extremely durable Kolinsky bristle
  • Enables portioning of the smallest amounts of material
  • Use for staining, modifiers, glazes, correction materials and liners
  • Perfect for use on all-ceramic cases
  • Tips can easily be changed out or replaced


What's in the box:

  • Aluminum brush handle
  • Brush Tip Size #2
  • Brush Tip Size #0
  • Brush Tip Size #00
  • Brushed aluminum storage case