ProGrip TS1 Curved Crown Holders

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How can technicians keep a firm grip on restorations without the tool interfering with their work? ProGrip TS1 Curved Crown Holders are the answer. These specially shaped diamond tips secure the crown from the inside, and are ideal for tasks including porcelain build-up, staining and glazing. ProGrip crown holders offer unrestricted access to the workpiece and eliminate the risk of damage to the margins.

  • Curved tweezer style
  • Easy-adjust thumb screw
  • Football shaped diamond tips
  • Securely grips inside even the smallest crowns
  • Durable brushed stainless steel construction

Technical Specifications

Length 140 mm (5 1/2")
Width between opened tips 14 mm
Weight 31 grams
Material Stainless steel with diamond tips