ProLine CX Sticky Wax Green, 75 gr



ProLine CX Sticky Wax is an extremely inert wax, with the minimum amount of contraction and shrinkage, making it a great choice for assembling bridge sections. It is harder, with a higher melting temperature to allow it to be used for many different tasks including “wax welding”, or wax to wax connections.

Vacalon’s ProLine Stick Waxes are available in four different formulations to cover a wide range of dental waxing applications. Whether articulating models or making wax connections, each ProLine Sticky Wax has been developed with different properties to complete different tasks.

  • Hard, tough former or connecting type of sticky wax
  • Used for “wax welding” to assemble bridge sections or seal around sprue connections
  • Inert wax, with very low contraction and minimal shrinkage
  • Higher melting temperature allows it to be used for many different tasks
  • Highly stable once hardened to maintain dimensional accuracy
  • No residue to contaminate wax patterns