ProLine Diagnostic Wax, 75 gr

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ProLine Diagnostic Wax is perfect for case planning or creating presentations for your clients. ProLine Diagnostic Wax comes in a pure, snow white color and an ivory white color.

Results so convincing, patients won’t assume its wax.

Change the look of your presentation models with ProLine Diagnostic Wax. So life-like in appearance, patients will appreciate the attention to detail, as well as its appealing, realistic-look.

Perfect color. Made possible.
Capture color that closely replicates the true color of the final restoration. Relyon our bright white to perfectly match today’s bleached shades. Use both the bright white and white ivory waxes together to create unique shades and colors to perfectly meet your needs.

Handles like a dream. Carve with confidence.
Our diagnostic wax doesn’t demand sacrifices in handling performance. Technicians will appreciate the durability and superior handling performance. Plus, it has excellent carving and modeling characteristics, similar to our sculpturing wax.

Quality you can count on.
With our wax, the appealing final presentation model has the perfect amount of opacity to appear realistic, while effectively blocking out any color from die stones. Feel confident with very low shrinkage and the high strength that characterizes our wax. Stable and durable, ProLine Diagnostic Wax is perfect for trouble-free transportation.

Get the most out of your wax.
ProLine Diagnostic Wax is versatile. Useful for all your projects, from single units up to full round house wax-ups.