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ProLine Die Spacer, 2 X 1 oz

  • Vacalon ProLine Die Spacer

Vacalon ProLine Die Spacer is an advanced paint on material used to create uniform spacing on dental dies. ProLine Die Spacers create a strong bond with the gypsum to resist scratching, chipping, flaking and pressurized steam. The liquid has a smooth feel and flow that gives users precise control of the material, without running or clumping. Each uniform coating, in 6 micron or 12 micron thickness, enables dental technicians to create the exact amount of desired relief.

  • Perfect viscosity to allow for even, uniform coatings
  • Available in 6 colors and 2 thicknesses
  • 30 second dry time allows multiple coats to be applied in less time
  • 1/2 ounce bottle reduces the need for thinners


ProLine Die Spacer SDS (PDF | 232 kb)


Technical Specifications

Packaging 2 - 1/2 oz Brush Bottle
Drying Time 30 seconds between coats
Gold & Silver Layer Thickness 6 microns
Blue, Red, Yellow & Clear Layer Thickness 12 microns

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