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ProLine GX Sticky Wax Pink, 75 gr

  • Vacalon ProLine GX Sticky Wax

ProLine GX Sticky Wax acts like a “wax glue”, making it the best choice for positioning or making sprue connections. It is very tacky, and has low flexibility upon cooling.

Vacalon’s ProLine Stick Waxes are available in four different formulations to cover a wide range of dental waxing applications. Whether articulating models or making wax connections, each ProLine Sticky Wax has been developed with different properties to complete different tasks.

  • Acts like a “wax glue” perfect for positioning or making sprue connections
  • Low flexibility
  • Stays molten long enough to make attachments
  • High stability when hardened to maintain dimensional accuracy
  • No residues that can contaminate wax patterns


ProLine Wax Data Sheet (PDF | 1.4 mb)
ProLine GX Sticky Wax SDS (PDF | 211 kb)


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