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ProLine Milling Wax Violet, 75 gr

  • Vacalon ProLine Milling Wax

Vacalon ProLine Milling Wax is an extra hard wax that is perfect for all types of dental milling tasks. By combining the best qualities of a milling wax, with the handling characteristics of a sculpturing wax, ProLine Milling Wax allows dental technicians to create high quality customized wax patterns, such as implant components and abutments. Plus, ProLIne Milling Wax is ash and resin free for a clean burnout.

  • High performance milling wax with sculpturing wax handling characteristics
  • Milling can be carried out without the wax smudging, smearing or sticking to burs
  • Stable and strong, allowing for milling at a wide range of speeds
  • Burs will create small carvings, and the milled wax will be smooth
  • Melting point of 142°F (61°C)


ProLine Wax Data Sheet (PDF | 1.4 mb)
ProLine Milling Wax SDS (PDF | 211 kb)


Technical Specifications

Melting Point 142°F (61°C)

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