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ProLine Model & Die Conditioner, 2 X 1 oz

  • ProLine Model & Die Conditioner - Brush bottles

The best way to seal and protect.
ProLine Model and Die Conditioner is a resinous liquid that is used to seal, strengthen and harden models and dies. Our product works from the inside out in order to give you the results you need: to strengthen the die without adding a dimension changing layer.

Ultimate protection.
Seal and waterproof all of your models and dies with ProLine Conditioner. As the liquid is absorbed into the surface of the gypsum (by filtering through and filling the microscopic pores), it fuses the particles together.

Keep your integrity.
Our Conditioner is all you need to reinforce margins and resist chipping and cracking. The zero micron layer left behind keeps the accuracy of the model sound.

It’s time for improvements.
Protect delicate parts and cut down on wear and tear during the restorative process. Do you desire better accuracy of wax modellations and marginal fit? Let ProLine Conditioner raise the bar.

Diversity matters.
ProLine Model and Die Conditioner is suitable for use with all types of stones, plasters and other modeling materials.

  • Use with all stones and plasters
  • Hardens, seals, waterproofs and strengthens dental models and dies
  • Reinforces margins, making them resistant to chipping and cracking
  • Permeates completely into the gypsum for a zero micron layer
  • Use before ProLine Die Spacer to create a strong chemical bond


ProLine Model & Die Conditioner SDS (PDF | 226 kb)
ProLine Model & Die Conditioner Instructions (PDF | 94 kb)


Technical Specifications

Packaging 2 - 1 oz brush bottle
Drying Time 3 minutes
Layer Thickness 0 microns (does not change dimensions)

Item 40450
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