ProLine MX Dipping Wax, Orange, 250 gr



ProLine MX Dipping Wax has medium flexibility, good dimensional accuracy and excellent handling characteristics. Its universal characteristics make it a popular choice among dental technicians.

Quality wax, accurate results.
No matter what a task demands, Vacalon can meet it with one of our three different ProLine Dipping Waxes. Formulated using the finest raw materials, our waxes will leave you with highly accurate results you can count on every time.

A clean and easy process.
Our waxes do not contain plastics, resins, or other materials that complicate the production process. As a result, our waxes are never gummy or hard to work with, and they burn out cleanly.

Smooth and stable.
Upon cooling, our waxes are easy to carve and do not become brittle. Excess wax can be easily trimmed off, resulting in sharp and accurate margins. You can be confident in a smooth, even coat that accurately replicates the details of the die.

A strong final product.
When using our waxes, your copings will be virtually crush resistant while maintaining necessary dimensional accuracy. Minimal shrinkage and contraction result in a highly stable final product.


ProLine Wax Data Sheet
ProLine MX Dipping Wax SDS


Technical Specifications

Melting Range 176°F (80°C) - 182°F (84°C)