ProLine SX Sculpturing Wax, 75 gr

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Vacalon ProLine SX Sculpturing Wax is a dental modeling wax with low firmness and increased flexibility. ProLine SX Sculpturing Wax offers excellent carving and scraping qualities, while also offering easy cutting and the perfect amount of elasticity. ProLine SX Sculpturing Wax has a very low contraction factor, and dental technicians can easily control the viscosity for quick coverage or detailed build-up. 

Superior quality. No other wax can match it.

Proline Sculpturing Waxes fuse together the best carving, modeling and handling characteristics to offer a wax of unequaled quality. With Proline Sculpturing Waxes, you can expect a precise fit, easy control and a wide scope of choice.

Control the fit.
Due to the very low contraction factor, it’s easy to achieve precise fitting wax patterns. You can expect very low shrinkage to allow for best fabrication. With our waxes, technicians can control the viscosity for quick coverage or detailed build-up.

Stability and ease.
ProLine Sculpturing Wax is firm and stable, but it does not become brittle.It is easy to carve, resulting in sharp contours and anatomy.

Make it clean.
Free of resins or ash, and manufactured from the finest raw materials, our wax guarantees a clean burnout without residue.

Your choice.
Our waxes are available in three different levels of firmness to suit every technician’s needs. Choose from a variety of opaque colors, intended to provide a deep contrast or to mask colors.


ProLine Wax Data Sheet
ProLine SX Sculpturing Wax SDS

Technical Specifications

Melting Point 134°F (57°C)