R-Mixing M Auto-Mixing Palette

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BK-Medent M Series porcelain palettes use a special metal filter with micro-pore as the top layer and working surface of the palette. The metal filter is placed on top of a special absorption paper, and beneath the absorption paper sits the porous ceramic base surrounded by a reservoir.

The R-Mixing M Auto-Mixing Pallete has a semicircle design that allows for improved visualization and the highest level of ergonomics. It offers large, open working surface allowing a large amount of porcelain to be mixed, while also allowing different types of powders to remain separate. In addition, the R-Mixing PaletteM has 16 wells around the outside to use as you see fit.

Achieve the perfect powder.
Your porcelain powders will be in good hands with these cutting edge moisturizing palettes. BK-Medent Auto Mixing Palettes offer both an efficient working process and the perfect environment for trouble-free porcelain build-up.

It's innovative.
Due to BK-Medent’s unique use of capillary action, porcelain powders are able to achieve and maintain the perfect consistency.

No waste. Always ready when you are.
You won't have to worry about lost material or lost time. Your powders are continuously moisturized while being stored. The airtight lid protects the powders from dust and contamination, and assures that you can being work immediately when you are ready to start again.

The right surface.
Protect your brushes from undue wear and tear with our palettes’ unique working surfaces. With BK-Medent Auto-Mixing Palettes, manipulating porcelain powders has never been easier.



What's in the box:

  • Container with lid
  • (1) Two piece semicircle porous ceramic base
  • (1) Pack of absorption paper (10 sheets)
  • (1) Semicircle permanent metal filters
  • Working Papers
  • Instructions

R-Mixing M Auto-Mixing Palette Instructions
R-Mixing M Auto-Mixing Palette Working Papers


Technical Specifications

Overall Size 320 mm X 184 mm X 35 mm
Working Surface 1 semicricle tray at  230 mm X 130 mm
Wells 16 @ 15 mm round
BK-Medent Part No. B-009M