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R-Mixing Palette

  • R-Mixing Palette
  • R-Mixing Palette - Controlled mixing
  • R-Mixing palette - Easy and practical
  • R-Mixing Palette - Better build-up

When keeping it dry, use the best.
When you need a dry working surface, the R-Mixing Palette is the best choice. Using an uncomplicated concept of a polished glass slab, our semicircle layout is designed for optimal visual organization.

Simple. Strong.
BK-Medent’s palette base is simple to clean and extremely durable by design. Made with high-impact plastic, our palette has a double shell and closed bottom.

Easy. Practical.
The thick, polished glass slab of our palette is surrounded on the outer edges by 16 wells, making storage of powders and liquids a cinch. The entire unit is protected from debris with a tight fitting lid. This seal also prevents evaporation of moistened materials.

Ready to use.
Not every product calls for automatic wetting action. Our palette is a great choice for stain, opaque and modifier materials that come ready to use. It is ideal for materials that require very controlled amounts of special liquid.

When you want control.
With its large, glass surface, the R-Mixing Palette is an excellent choice for ceramists that prefer to dry build or wet their powders by hand.



What's in the box:

  • Container with lid
  • (1) Semicircle polished glass slab
  • Working Papers
  • Instructions

R-Mixing Palette Working Papers (PDF | 41 kb)
R-Mixing Palette Video


Technical Specifications

Overall Size 320 mm X 184 mm X 35 mm
Working Surface 1 semicricle tray at  230 mm X 130 mm
Wells 16 @ 15 mm round
BK-Medent Part No. B-009

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