BK Refractory Zirconia Dowel Pins w/ Tray

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BK-Medent Refractory Zirconia Pins are made from a high strength Zirconia that makes them ideal for use with the refractory build-up technique. The Refractory Zirconia Pins are smooth and durable, and can be used with any dental refractory porcelain system for an extended number of firings without breaking or distorting. The pins are designed with a round side and a flat side to allow for easy removal from the base, and also to allow them to easily be placed onto the included honeycomb firing tray. After firings are completed dental technicians can easily separate the Refractory Zirconia Pins from the refractory material so they can be reused.

  • Will not produce oxide layer
  • Unique design is easy to remove, but will not rotate
  • Virtually unlimited reusability
  • Works with all refractory systems and porcelains
  • Pins fit into included honeycomb tray for easy firing


What's in the box:

  • (10) Refractory Zirconia Dowel Pins
  • (1) Honeycomb Firing Tray

Technical Specifications

Tray Diameter 55 mm (2.16")
Grid Specifications 2 mm X 2 mm squares
Pin Length 21 mm