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Zircon Porcelain Mixing Spatula

  • Zircon Porcelain Mixing Spatula
  • Zircon Spatula - Easily mix powders
  • Zircon Spatula - Chop to mix powders
  • Zircon Spatula - Dispense powder from jars
  • Zircon Spatula - Quickly mix powders

Offering many advantages over metal or plastic spatulas the Zircon Mixing Spatula is made from a high-tech ceramic. Unlike metal, this spatula will not leave undesirable abrasion residue behind when mixing porcelain. As a result the danger of contamination from residual particles and discoloration of porcelain is removed.

The blade of the spatula is very thin, and offers enough flexibility to make working with large amounts of porcelain a simple task. The spatula is meant to be used for dispensing and mixing porcelain. No detail was overlooked with this spatula as the handle was designed to offer users a comfortable grip. To stop the spatula from rolling off the work surface it has two flat areas in the handle that allow it to rest firmly in place.

  • High tech, Zirconia blade
  • Will not contaminate porcelain or affect color
  • Mix large amounts of porcelain with ease
  • Protect your palette surface
  • Lightweight, comfortable handle


Zircon Porcelain Mixing Spatula Video


Technical Specifications

Overall Length 169 mm
Handle Diameter 10 mm round
BK-Medent Part No. B-100

Item 71345
In Stock

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