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Huge savings on all rotary tools!

If your current rotary tools just aren’t cutting it, then maybe it’s time to take a look at Vacalon’s new rotary lineup. With tools designed for zirconia, e.max, traditional ceramics, acrylics and more we’ve got you covered. To make the switch that much easier we’ve got a great promotion that is sure to deliver big league savings. Switch to Vacalon Rotary Tools today and enjoy a better way to grind, shape and polish all your restorations. 

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October-November 2016 Product Guide

Fall has arrived and so has the latest issue of the Vacalon Product Guide. As usual it is packed with a huge amount of great info. Right up front we let you know we are excited that Quickcheck Indicating Spray is once again available nationwide. After a small hiccup we’ve got things settled down and we appreciate all the support you’ve given us. This month we also have a big league deal on all of our rotary tools – you can save up to 20% so don’t miss out. Here is just some of the info you’ll find in the October-November 2016 Vacalon Product Guide: Quickcheck Indicating Spray is now back in stock! We’ve got a great offer available for all our rotary tools. Pick any of the three BK-Medent waxing devices for just $199 each. Winter is coming – so stock up on Z4 Expansion Liquid so you don’t run out. If it’s time to upgrade your model department you’ll want to test drive the Schick G2 Model Saw. If you feel like you are missing out because you don’t receive our Product Guide at your place all you need to do is fill out the form below and we’ll take care of the rest. While you are waiting for the next issue you can always check out our latest edition on your favorite electronic device by downloading the PDF below. Download the October-November 2016 Vacalon Product Guide PDF Want to get our Product Guide by mail? Just use the form below to send us your info and we’ll get you on our list.

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Quickcheck is back in stock!

We’re happy to announce that Quickcheck Indicating Spray is now back in stock and available for purchase. We appreciate your patience during the delay and we value your continued support. You can find your preferred Vacalon Authorized Distributor here or get more info on Quickcheck Indicating Spray here.

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Don’t trust your V-40 with just anyone

Our goal is to help dental laboratories get as much life as possible out of their Schick and Microstar Handpieces. That’s why it is discouraging to see some of the damage that ill-equipped repair shops do to these handpieces. Just the past week we worked on two V-40 handpieces that had been repaired by another company. We could tell before we even dismantled the handpieces that they had been repaired by someone who did not know what they were doing. Among other problems they ran hot, were loud and we could barely twist the chuck open. Once we dismantled the handpieces here is what we found. They had used low quality bearings that were not an exact match for the OEM bearings. – The mismatched size will immediately lead to poor performance, increased vibration, increased noise and can cause long term damage. As far as the quality – not all bearings are created equal and these low quality bearings have a very short lifespan. They had used a “modified” chuck from a different manufacturer. – No, we are not joking about this. They had ground down the sides of a chuck that was too large to make it narrower so it would fit in the V-40. Many of the parts were reinstalled in the incorrect orientation or in the wrong order. Even worse, in one of the handpieces we found “extra” parts that had been installed. There is not much we can say about this, but this is very typical. We’ve had this happen on many occasions and it is a clear case of someone that does not know what they are doing so they “engineer” a so called fix. While much of this seems almost comical, we can assure you that the owners of the handpieces were not laughing. And rightfully so as it ended up being an expensive repair. Due to the extra wear and tear that was caused we had to replace additional parts that had been damaged. At Vacalon we are able to repair your equipment right the first. So don’t cost yourself more time and money by trusting your handpiece with someone that does not know what they are doing. For more information and to download a repair request form please visit our website or contact us.  

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