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May-June 2016 Product Guide

We’re bringing special offers and detailed product information to your mailbox with the latest Vacalon Product Guide. This issue is chock full of money saving promos that are sure to keep more cash in your pocket. We’ve got deals on all our porcelain instruments, the Schick G2 Model Saw and we’ve also extended our special introductory promo on all our rotary instruments. Find out about these items and more in the May-June 2016 Vacalon Product Guide: Buy any 2 Porcelain Instruments and Get 1 Free. Save 15% on all of our new Rotary Instruments. Experience Uni Waxer – a 3-in-1 waxing device – for only $279! Order a G2 Model Saw and get an extra G2 Saw Blade for free. Get more info on Z4 and Vacalon Disposable Plungers – the perfect pressing duo. Make sure you are receiving our Product Guide so you don’t miss out on any of our future promotions and new product releases. Just fill out the form below and we’ll take care of the rest. In the meantime you can also check out our latest edition on your favorite electronic device by downloading the PDF below. Download the May-June 2016 Vacalon Product Guide PDF Want to get our Product Guide by mail? Just use the form below to send us your info and we’ll get you on our list.

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Keep it cool with Arctic Grinders

To avoid micro-fractures while working with ceramics it is an absolute must for your tools to run cool and true. To achieve this Arctic Grinders utilize a unique bonding system and specially shaped diamonds that allow them to work quickly while running extremely cool. These characteristics make Arctic Grinders the perfect choice for rapid removal of material when shaping and contouring all types of high-strength and traditional ceramics. With these tools you’ll get great results regardless of whether you are working with zirconia, pressable ceramics or standard porcelains. They get the job done quick, cool and efficiently.

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CAD/Cast or Press with Z4 Investment

Z4 Universal Investment is the perfect choice for casting or pressing CAD designed wax-ups. Producing digital wax-ups by milling or printing can be an efficient way to integrate your digital and analog techniques. This blending of technologies can lead to increased profitability and offers the freedom to work in a vast array of materials. It also opens the door to casting and pressing objects (like intricate implant parts) that would otherwise be impractical to produce. With Z4 Universal Investment technicians can spend time designing the perfect restoration, while knowing that it can then be cast or press to perfection. This approach can be applied to all types of cases and is well tailored for cases requiring a high level of esthetics and precision. With Z4 the possibilities are endless. Effortlessly cast or press all types of waxes Achieve more esthetic results Very useful for large metal and implant structures Pressed ceramics will be brilliant in every detail Capability to use a wide range of material options Most importantly – A profitable workflow for the lab! Get started by ordering Z4 Investment for your lab today – or request a free sample to give it a test-drive. Design Mill Cast Produce Profit with Z4!

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Easily work with green state zirconia

Our Matrix Shapers are the perfect choice when working with unsintered (aka. green state) zirconia. With these tools you can make quick work of removing milling support bars, making adjustments and smoothing your milled zirconia restorations before they go through the sintering process. They give technicians the ability to efficiently remove material while also achieving an extremely smooth surface. This greatly reduces the amount of post-sintering work required and helps dental labs avoid labor intensive grinding. Matrix Shapers come in two different configurations. The standard Matrix Shapers are a medium grit, while the Matrix Shapers Duo combines a medium and fine grit into one convenient tool. There are five different shapes to choose from and each one has been tailored to the task of working with green state zirconia. Matrix Shapers are durable and run smooth, plus they are available at an affordable price. So pick up some Matrix Shapers today and start saving time, labor and money.

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