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Video: Schick S Ceramic Milling System

With the Schick S Ceramic system, milling machines can easily be converted for the wet grinding of ceramics. The high-speed air turbine is LED light equipped and water cooled, so temperatures are kept low and micro-fractures in the ceramics are avoided. Dust and water spray is easily removed from the work area with an ergonomically designed suction tub, which is able to connect to existing suction systems when used with the special separator. Along with additional tools and components, the complete S Ceramic system allows technicians to reach their full potential. Find out more about the Schick S Ceramic System.

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What size Disposable Plungers do you need?

Vacalon offers four different sizes of disposable plungers – but what are the sizes and what systems do they work with? There are many different pressable ceramic systems available so it is impossible to list each one. As an aid we put together this short guide to help you determine the correct plunger size you need. Vacalon Disposable Press Plungers for 2 gram ingots (12 mm) 12 mm diameter 2 gram denotes the weight of the ingot Used with pressable systems such as Empress, Finesse Press, Authentic, Creation and Cerpress This size ingot has been around for many years and there are many systems that use this ingot size Get more info or order 2 gr/12 mm plungers Vacalon Disposable Press Plungers for e.max ingots (13 mm) 13 mm diameter This size is often referred to as “3 gram ingots” Used with IPS e.max Press system, as well as GC LiSi Press and Zubler Concept Press Compatible with standard and large (taller) 13 mm ingot sizes Get more info or order e.max/13 mm plungers Vacalon Disposable Press Plungers for 5 gram ingots (16 mm) 16 mm diameter 5 gram denotes the weight of the ingot This larger size ingot is typically found in pressing system that use the standard 2 gram ingot The exact diameter of the ingot can vary from brand to brand. However, the difference is nominal and our plungers will work with all the bases designed for 5 gram ingots. Get more info or order 5 gr/16 mm plungers Vacalon Disposable Press Plungers for Wide 5 gram ingots (18 mm) Special size for wide ingots found in the GC Initial System 18 mm diameter 5 gram denotes the weight of the ingot Wider than other 5 gram ingots and requires special pressing ring Get more info or order 5 gr wide/18 mm plungers We hope this provides you with enough information to select the correct plunger for the system you are using. You can order Vacalon Disposable Plungers through our network of distributors, by giving us a call or simply by visiting our website. As always you can request a free sample of our plungers by visiting our sample request page. If you need additional help just contact us and we’ll make sure you get the right fit for your needs.

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Our Double Pins make it easy

You know what is really terrible about some of the double dowel pins on the market today? The fact that you have to pluck all of those rubber end caps off the sheet. I mean sure, it seems like a minor thing but it really is a pain. It’s an absolute waste of time, but what’s worse is how they end up tearing or not coming free from the sheet. So you’re left with an end cap that is half torn and has flash hanging off one side. With our BK Double Pins things are easy. In each box you get 1000 pins, 1000 sleeves and 1000 end caps. But we don’t ask you to do our job – we deliver the end caps loose and not on some rubbery sheet. Beyond that our pins offer unrivaled quality at an unbeatable price. So stop wasting your time and see for yourself why our Double Pins are so popular. Order a box today or request a free sample.  

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Video: How to change the chuck on your handpiece

Changing the chuck on your Microstar V-40, Schick C2 Profi, Schick C-Master or Schick Q Basic is an easy task. This video shows a V-40/C2 Profi – but the process is pretty much the same for all Schick handpieces. If you need additional help, or if your handpiece needs more than a new chuck, we are happy to assist. If you need to order parts for your Microstar or Schick handpiece just visit our site. If you need additional help simply contact us or you can download our repair request form to send your handpiece to us for repair.

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