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A modern approach to polishing acrylic

Get a high shine on your acrylic appliances without the use of pastes or compounds. Zulu Acrylic Polishers are suitable for all types of acrylic, including milled PMMA, denture base, orthodontic acrylic, repair acrylics and more. The 3 step process goes from light contouring to scratch removal to high shine. With 5 different shapes and 3 different grits technicians can find the perfect selection to tackle all types of dental appliances. Find out more about out Zulu Acrylic Polishers or place an order today.

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Better polishing of high performance ceramics

If you’re looking for a better option to finish and polish your zirconia, e.max and other high performance ceramics be sure to try our Vega Polishers. With 3 different grits and 5 different shapes you can find the selection that is best for you. Coarse Grit (Blue) – an aggressive diamond grain for making adjustments and pre-polishing, without needing additional pressure. (Zirconia, lithium disilicate, all-ceramic) Medium Grit (Red) – easily makes small adjustments and pre-polishes before final high-shine. (excellent for lithium disilicate). Smooths out and finesses the margins of full zirconia restorations. Fine Grit (Yellow) – delivers an ultra-smooth, high-luster finish (zirconia, lithium disilicate, high-strength ceramics) Get more info or place an order for our Vega Polishers today.

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February-March 2017 Product Guide

The latest issue of the Vacalon Product Guide is now available. Along with an updated look we’re highlighting some of our time saving products. One of our primary goals is to help technicians be as productive as possible by delivering the highest quality products. Because to dental laboratories time is money. Here are some of the details of the February-March 2017 Vacalon Product Guide: Find out why our Picaba Kolinsky Brushes deliver exceptional quality. If you need to check it, do it with Quickcheck Indicating Spray. See our exciting Rotary Tools and find out about our special promotion. Check out our finely tuned selection of porcelain tools. Take the intelligent G2 Model Saw for a test drive. Not currently receiving the Product Guide by mail? Want to get on the list? Just use the form below to send us your info and we’ll make sure you receive them in the future. While you are waiting for the next issue you can always check out the latest edition on your favorite electronic device by downloading the PDF below. Download the February-March 2017 Vacalon Product Guide PDF Don’t get our Product Guide by mail? Just use the form below to send us your info and we’ll get you on the list.

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Make things easy with Matrix Shapers

When you use our Matrix Shapers working with green state zirconia could not be easier. They allow technicians to efficiently reduce support bars, make adjustments and smooth the surface of zirconia restorations while they are still soft and workable. Matrix Shapers give dental laboratories a huge advantage by helping reduce laborious post-sintering work. Try out our Matrix Shapers today and make working with your zirconia easier.

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