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Meet the Schick Q Basic Electric Handpiece

Take a minute to meet the Schick Q Basic Electric Handpiece – we think you will like what you see. The Q Basic is Schick’s latest electric handpiece and it offers outstanding performance. It runs very smooth and true, while delivering ample torque and power, making your job easier. Grind, cut, polish – whatever you need to do around the lab – the Q Basic is great choice for both performance and durability.

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August-September 2016 Product Guide

The latest issue of the Vacalon Product Guide has arrived on Earth and is now on its way to your lab. We loaded up on out of this world products and promos this issue, so you are sure to think it is far out. And we know for sure that you’ll be over the moon about our special 10% off promotion. That’s right, when you place an order at vacalon.com and use the special super secret access code “SPACEX” you will get 10% off your entire order. So get the lowdown on these items and more in the August-September 2016 Vacalon Product Guide: Get a great deal on the 3-in-1 waxer that does it all – Uni Waxer. See why Vacalon Disposable Plungers are engineered for accuracy. Learn how Nexus Buffs are perfect for milled PMMA, denture, ortho and other acrylics. Take your Cad/Cast + Press to the next level with Z4 Universal Investment. Find out how to save 10% off your next order at vacalon.com. You don’t have to go to Mars in order to get our Product Guide – in fact you just need to fill out the form below and we’ll take care of the rest. In the meantime you can also check out our latest edition on your favorite electronic device by downloading the PDF below. Download the August-September 2016 Vacalon Product Guide PDF Want to get our Product Guide by mail? Just use the form below to send us your info and we’ll get you on our list.

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Other brushes bristle with envy

Our Picaba Kolinsky Brushes are made from the finest materials to deliver a porcelain brush of unrivaled quality. Utilizing the finest grade Kolinsky sable hair, each brush offers quality not found in other brushes. The rare and exceedingly valuable Kolinsky hairs offer an unmatched resiliency, tension and strength, while maintaining a long-lasting sharp tip. Picaba Brushes are handcrafted and carefully constructed to ensure top performance through rigorous testing and the final step of its exclusive curing treatment. The result is a brush with long-lasting shape and increased spring and recovery. Order your Picaba Brush today and find out why all other brushes are bristling with envy.

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Time to change your V-40’s chuck?

If you need to change the chuck in your Microstar V-40, but are not sure how to do it, then we have a video for you. We walk you through the process of removing the old chuck and then installing the new one. You will need the chuck tools that came with your handpiece, as well as a new replacement chuck. If you don’t have your tools any longer you can order replacements from out website. L-Shaped Chuck Tool #4115 Hold Fast Key #6223 V-40/C2 Profi Replacement Chuck #4114 The process is similar for other Schick Handpieces, but keep in mind you may need a different chuck depending on the model you own. If you have any questions or find you need additional help with the process we are happy to help. Just contact us for assistance or for information about more extensive repairs.

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