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Stock up on liquid and beat the freeze

It’s been a mild Fall so far, but the temperatures are starting to drop. It will only be a short time before the really cold weather arrives and we are unable to ship our freeze sensitive products. This includes products like N&V Expansion Liquid for our MG-Vest and Z4 Investments. But you can avoid problems by planning ahead to ensure you have enough liquid to last until Spring. We always recommend planning for the worst-case scenario of needing 6 months of liquid on hand. It’s always better to have it and not need it, rather than need it and not have it. Here is a good formula to help you calculate the proper amount of liquid to purchase: Take the number of cases of Z4 Investment you use per month Multiply that by 2* (bottles of N&V Expansion Liquid needed per box) Multiple that result by 6 (number of months) So if you use an average of 4 cases per month it would go something like this: 4 cases X 2 bottle per case X 6 months = 48 bottle of N&V Expansion Liquid * Note: Most labs use 2 bottles of liquid per 100 gram and 60 gram box. However, if you typically use more or if you use our 500 gram semi-bulk packaging you should calculate 3 bottles per box. Be sure to store the liquid at normal room temperatures and out of the light. Somewhere like a storage closet or storage room.¬† When stored properly unopened bottles of N&V Expansion Liquid will last for several years without any issues.  

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Ignoring a faulty handpiece cable can be costly

Left unchecked a damaged handpiece cable can destroy your control box and/or cause permanent damages to the motor of the handpiece. Both of these problems will end up costing far more than just replacing the cable. Cables wear out, they get cut with sharp objects, melted with hot objects and stretched and twisted in all types of directions. Don’t try to “deal with it” by holding the cable at some awkward angle just to get the handpiece to operate.¬†Also, trying to repair the cable is a bad idea because 99% of the time it doesn’t get fixed properly. Just replace it and save yourself the headache of having to spend $300 – $400 or more to replace a damaged circuit board. If you’ve got a short in your Schick or Microstar handpiece cable the best thing you can do is order a replacement.  

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October-November 2017 Product Catalog

We just dropped our latest product catalog and your sure to find some great deals on all our products. We’re also excited about our rotary tools continuing to gain popularity as more and more labs find out they offer the best quality at a great price. The Schick Q Basic Handpiece has also been in high demand. Techs are excited about how it delivers speed and torque while remaining cool and vibration free. Be sure to check this issue out and get more info on our exciting products. Here are some more highlights of the October-November 2017 Vacalon Product Catalog: See why Quickcheck is the perfect scan spray for your lab. Beat the Freeze! Stock up on N&V Expansion Liquid for Z4 and MG-Vest. Maximize your savings when you buy more of our rotary tools. Take your pick of the three finest electric waxing units on the market. Don’t settle for inferior double pins – go with BK Double Dowel Pins! Haven’t received your issue yet? Check out the latest edition on your favorite electronic device by downloading the PDF below. Download the October-November 2017 Vacalon Product Catalog PDF Don’t get our catalog? Don’t want to miss an issue? Fill out the form below and we’ll make sure you get it in the future.

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Test drive our products

Sometimes you just want to test a product to see if it’s a good fit – that’s why we offer free samples of many of our products. If you’re interested in trying our BK Double Pins, Z4 Investment, Insta-Peg Custom Peg Putty or many of our other exciting products we’ve got your covered. All you have to do is head over to our sample request form, give us your info, let us know what products you want to try out and we’ll take care of the rest. In no time you’ll be finding out just how great our products really are. It’s easy as could be and best of all the samples are free. Request your free samples today.

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