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Insta-Peg Refractory Material

  • Vacalon Insta-Peg Refractory Material
  • Insta-Peg - Pack of 4 Syringes
  • Insta-Peg - Applying inside a crown
  • Insta-Peg - Placing on a firing peg
  • Insta-Peg - Stability when firing porcelain

It can take the heat, all over the lab.
Take care of multiple tasks at high temperatures with this fast and impressively secure refractory material. Eliminate worry and count on great results for a large variety of ceramic tasks and repairs.

Extremely stable.
An advanced formula, Insta-Peg is not affected by freezing and it can also endure high temperatures without breaking down. Our product remains stable up to 1300°C (2375°F).

Integrity under fire.
The integrity of both your working materials and your final results are vital. With our custom refractory material, there is no distortion or contamination during firing. You can expect clean results every time.

Practical efficiency.
Your time is valuable. With Insta-Peg, no drying time is required, and clean-up is quick and easy. With our easy-to-use syringe, dispensing is simple and your refractory material stays fresh. You can count on secure storage.

The perfect solution for every task.
When firing porcelain on ceramic or metal pegs, Insta-Peg makes balancing the restoration simple and ensures it will not tilt in the furnace. Technicians can use Insta-Peg to create custom firing platforms for veneers and when pegs won’t work. Insta-Peg is also great for complex soldering tasks, as a temporary heat shield from temperatures as high as 1925°C (3500°F) and is helpful when repairing cracked all-ceramic cores.



Insta-Peg Refractory Material SDS (PDF | 220 kb)
Insta-Peg Refractory Material Instructions (PDF | 54 kb)


Technical Specifications

Syringe Capacity 12 cc
Syringes Per Pack 4
Maximum Sustained Temp 1300°C (2375°F)

Item 31000
In Stock
4 X 12 cc Syringe


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