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Disposable Press Plungers for e.max ingots (50)

  • Vacalon Disposable Plungers for e.max ingots
  • Vacalon Disposable Plungers durable packaging
  • Vacalon Disposable Plungers, 13 mm diameter for e.max ingots

Vacalon Disposable Plungers are designed to work with any type of pressable ceramic system. Whether you are using 2 gram ingots, regular or wide 5 gram ingots or the newer IPS e.max® ingots - we have the plunger size to fit your system.

You will find that Vacalon Disposable Plungers are easier to use, speed up the work flow and are more cost effective by eliminating the laborious task of cleaning reusable plungers. In addition to being far more efficient than traditional ALOX plungers, Vacalon Disposable Plungers are also far more effective. Our plungers are made with a refractory material similar to that of the investment used to make your pressable mould. This offers a uniform cooling rate between the mould and the plunger, eliminating the thermal shock that occurs with ALOX plungers that can lead to cracks in pressed restorations.

- Available in 4 different sizes
- Easy to use - Press, extract restoration and throw the rest away
- Work with any pressable ceramic system
- Pre-fired for easy use and added strength
- Packaged in durable packaging that protects the plungers from damage
- Economically priced
- Made in the USA



Vacalon Disposable Plunger SDS (PDF | 218 kb)
Vacalon Disposable Plunger Instructions (PDF | 52 kb)


Technical Specifications

Diameter 13 mm
Qty Per Box 50
Compatibility e.max® Press, GC LiSi Press, Concept Press ingots

Item 40002
In Stock

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