Tame your zirconia with our Vega Polishers


Vega Polishers are ideally suited for taming even the strongest high-performance ceramics. Possessing a high concentration of specially developed diamond grains, Vega Polishers perform at the highest … read more

Finish your PEEK with Nova Polishers


Biocompatible, high-performance thermoplastics like PEEK, PEK and Pekkton are quickly making their way into dental laboratories. In response, we developed our Nova Polishers with a special polishing m … read more

Matrix Shapers for green state zirconia


Matrix Shapers make working with milled zirconia an easy task. These tools allow technicians to efficiently reduce milling support bars, make adjustments, and smooth the surface of unsintered zirconia … read more

Get high luster results with Sigma Polishers


Sigma Polishers provide the most efficient solution for contouring, smoothing and polishing all types of conventional ceramic materials. Infused with a high content of diamond grains, these polishers … read more

Quickcheck - The Perfect Scan Spray


Quickcheck delivers outstanding scans for a fraction of the price of expensive scans sprays. Try Quickcheck today and find out why so many labs won't go without it. … read more