BK Double Pins offer a stable solution


Our BK Double Pins deliver an outstanding product, for an attractive price. But when we we talk about the high quality of our BK Double Pins what do we mean? The simple answer is that these pins deliver where other brands come up short and here is how.

  • The fit of the pin inside the sleeve assures dimensional accuracy and stops rotation.
  • Pin head sizes are consistent and work with all popular drill bits.
  • Sleeves are made from materials that resist warping or distortion.
  • The pin is fully protected by the sleeve and cap to prevent any unwanted chipping on the model.
  • End caps are packaged loose, so you don't have to waste time taking them off a sheet.

Best of all you don't have to just take out word for it because you can get a free sample of our BK Double Pins. This way you can try them out and see for yourself why so many labs have switched.