Introducing Panther Abutment Series


Process-related impurities are a real concern with CAD/CAM abutments and implant components. Regardless of where production occurs, in the lab or at a milling center - milled implant components are typically supplied with surface spots, deposits, inclusions, and other impurities caused by the manufacturing process.

Clinically speaking, contaminants can be a real issue. Initial studies have shown that when improperly cleaned components are seated, it can increase peri-implant bone resorption. This means patients can experience a higher failure rate, and long-term success is negatively impacted.

Panther Abutment Series offers a solution: A verified, reliable process for preparing implants free from contaminants, with the correct surface topography. The combination of Panther Abutment Series with ultrasonic cleaning can increase clinical success.

Read our Panther Abutment brochure for more information about this exciting new product.