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The Q Basic dental lab handpiece is built using technology that is optimized to deliver unequaled performance and balance to users. The brushless micromotor provides technicians ample power, while running ultra-smooth, quiet and cool. The tabletop version offers a traditional style dental lab handpiece system with a dynamic foot switch for control of speed.

Trusted Dependability
50 years of engineering experience has allowed Schick to create a truly superior dental lab handpiece with long service intervals and service life.

Efficiency + Reliability
With a speed range from 1,000 – 40,000 rpm and 6.7 Ncm of torque, the Q Basic is a dental lab handpiece ideally suited for all kinds of work in the laboratory. The simple, reliable and robust technology rises to meet the most challenging conditions.

True Torc™
Schick dental lab handpieces are designed with True Torc™ Technology to deliver constant power throughout the entire range of speed. By delivering full torque at any speed, Schick dental lab handpieces enable technicians to easily complete their tasks, without any hesitation.

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