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Serious-minded labs require a handpiece that is tough and smart. The Q3 Basic is what you reach for when you don't have time to guess. The Q3 Basic doesn't hesitate, even during the most demanding jobs.

Insightful View
The new OLED display shows all the important operating parameters and provides information about the current and preset maximum speeds.

Power + Finesse
Speeds up to 40K rpm and 7 Ncm of torque make the Q3 Basic suitable for all kinds of lab work. While it has optimal strength for the most demanding jobs, it remains agile enough to work with the most delicate surfaces.

Configuration Options
The Q3 Basic Tabletop version offers a traditional handpiece system with a dynamic foot pedal for speed control. While the Q3 Basic Knee Control version helps maintain an ergonomic seating posture since the user's feet can remain resting flat on the floor.

Dependability is Standard
The Q3 Basic is defined by quality, craftsmanship, and finish. It's built on a trusted platform and is the latest in a long line of highly durable micromotors from the industry leader Schick Dental.

  • Smooth, quiet running brushless motor
  • Durable construction delivers a long service life
  • Capable of forward/reverse rotation
  • Speed range of 200 - 40,000 rpm with 7 Ncm of torque
  • Optimized sealing system to protect against wear and tear


What's in the box:

  • Q3 Basic Micromotor w/ cable
  • Q3 Control Unit
  • Handpiece rack
  • Dynamic Foot Pedal (Tabletop only)

Q3 Basic Handpiece Instructions


Technical Specifications

Q3 Basic Handpiece  
Speed Range 200 - 40,000 rpm
Torque (max) 7 Ncm
Handpiece Diameter 30 mm
Handpiece Length 158 mm
Weight without cable 240 gr
Weight with cable 370 gr
Drive System Brusless DC Motor
Cooling System Self sealing system without cooling
Concentricity < 0.02 mm
Chucks 2.35 mm standard (3.0 mm optional)
Changing of Burs Quick release
Control Unit Dimensions 105 mm X 200 mm X 210 mm (Tabletop version)
128 mm X 208 mm X 207 mm (Knee Control version)
Weight 1.9 kg (Tabletop)
1.4 kg (Knee Control)
Operating Voltage 100 - 230 V
Warranty 1 year full warranty. 5 year warranty on electric motor.