Panther Polishers

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High-gloss polishers for zirconia, lithium disilicate and conventional ceramics.

With our new Panther Polishers, a smooth, high-gloss finish is delivered in just two steps. As monolithic all-ceramic restoration usage continues to increase, so does the need for laboratories to be able to easily and efficiently finish them. Designed with a soft bonding matrix and infused with superfine diamonds, these polishers deliver gentle grinding and polishing. This ensures that fine structures, margins and incisal edges can be safely processed to a high shine. Panther Polishers offer a premium instrument with no compromises.

Panther Polishers are perfect for these indications:

Our soft bonding matrix allows for gentle grinding and polishing. The two-staged protocol offers a streamlined, rational procedure that produces flawless zirconia surfaces.

Lithium Disilicate
Protect impeccable fine structures, margins and line angles and eliminate cracking. Even sharp edges and the most delicate areas of inlays and veneers can be safely processed with Panther Polishers.

Conventional Ceramics
Feldspathic ceramics offer the optimum in high-end esthetics. Shapes, contours and surfaces are special natural features. Well-defined cervical margins and functionally shaped incisal edges highlight the strengths of the Panther Polishers.

Both polishing grades have specific uses:

  • Smooth (Purple) – These tools produce – and accentuate – the final shape. Incisal edges can be defined cleanly.
  • Gloss (White) – The final step, the surfaces are polished to an immaculate high gloss.

Product summary:

  • Available in smooth and gloss grits
  • Both grits are available in four different shapes
  • Use with zirconia, lithium disilicate and conventional ceramics
  • Long-lasting, able to withstand wear and tear
  • Runs stable, smooth and cool
  • Soft bonding matrix is infused with a high concentration of super-fine diamonds
  • 104-HP shank size (2.35 mm)
  • Sold individually


General Rotary Instructions
Panther Brochure

Technical Specifications

Panther Polishers SizeOptimal RPMMaximum RPM
Large Point 5.5 mm X 18 mm 12,000 rpm 20,000 rpm
Knife-Edge 26 mm X 2 mm 8,000 rpm 20,000 rpm
Mounted Wheel 17 mm X 2.4 mm 8,000 rpm 20,000 rpm
Mounted Disc 15 mm X 1 mm 8,000 rpm 20,000 rpm

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Panther Polishers Smooth
Large Point Item no. 52130 Item no. 52160
Knife-Edge Item no. 52133 Item no. 52163
Mounted Wheel Item no. 52136 Item no. 52166
Mounted Disc Item no. 52139 Item no. 52169