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Whatever your task, the Panther Master Kit has you covered.

Elevate your game with the Panther Master Kit, a comprehensive collection that combines 31 diverse tools from the Panther Line. This expansive kit ensures you have every tool at your fingertips, empowering you to excel in your craft.

Panther Green

Designed with a soft, flexible bonding matrix and infused with superfine diamonds, Panther Polishers deliver gentle grinding and polishing. A premium instrument, these polishers are  keeping up with the ever-expanding selection of all ceramic restorations. Quality is never compromised with Panther Polishers.

Panther Stone

The Smooth purple tools product and accentuate the final shape. Incisal edges can be defined cleanly. The white Gloss tools are the final step, polishing surface surfaces to an immaculate high-gloss.

Panther Rough

Our soft bonding matrix allows for gentle grinding and polishing. Our two-staged protocol offers a streamlined, rational procedure that produces flawless zirconia surfaces.

Panther Shape

Pressable ceramic workpieces often have fine structures, margins and line angles that must be finished with no hint of cracking. With Panther Polishers, even sharp edges and the most delicate areas of inlays and veneers can be safely processed.

Panther Polishers

Feldspathic ceramics offer the optimum in high-end aesthetics. Shapes, contours and surfaces are special natural features. Well-defined cervical margins and functionally shaped incisal edges highlight the strengths of the Panther Polishers.

Panther Diamond Polishing Paste

Panther Diamond Polishing Paste produces a super high shine on restorations. Includes two Panther Bristle Brushes for easy application.

Kit Includes
  • One each Panther Green point, disc, spiral, and diamond adjusting tool
  • One each Panther Stone small barrel, round barrel, tapered barrel, small bullet, small inverted cone, inverted cone, mini wheel, small wheel, medium wheel, knife-edge, tapered point, and ball
  • One Panther Rough knife-edge
  • One Panther Shape knife-edge
  • One each Panther Polisher Smooth + Gloss knife-edge, mounted wheel, spiral, large point, mounted disc
  • One Panther Diamond Polishing Paste
  • One each Panther Bristle Brushes 17 mm + 19 mm
Additional Information
  • Made in Germany
  • 104-HP shank size (2.35 mm)


Panther Brochure
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