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Efficient, yet smooth

When you need more than a standard polisher but not quite a diamond grinder, Panther Shape will be your go to tool. Panther Shape stays super cool throughout its usage, allowing technicians to create anatomical definitions with ease. It efficiently removes material while still leaving behind a smooth surface that is ready for the final stages of finishing.


The Panther Shape was designed to be compatible with a wide range of contemporary ceramics, such as zirconia, lithium disilicate, and porcelain. Its performance is especially notable when used with the latest generation of multilayer zirconia materials.

More grit

While Panther Polishers and Panther Shape have a similar fundamental composition, Panther Shape sets itself apart by incorporating additional diamond grit. This enhanced coarseness allows Panther Shape to undertake a broader range of finishing tasks and effectively handle the strongest zirconia materials with ease.

Machining for modern zirconia

Multilayer zirconia continues to an increasingly significant role in contemporary restorative techniques. Panther Shape was designed, in part, to meet the demanding requirements for processing these modern materials.

Additional Information
  • Made in Germany
  • Use Panther Shape when you need a coarse polisher
  • Razor sharp contouring
  • Soft bonding matrix is infused with a high concentration of diamonds
  • 104-HP shank size (2.35 mm)
  • Sold individually


Panther Brochure
General Rotary Instructions


Technical Specifications

Shape SizeOptimal RPMMaximum RPM
Knife-Edge 26 mm x 2 mm 8,000 rpm 20,000 rpm

Ordering Information

Shape Item No.
Knife-Edge #52500