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Perfectly accentuate unsintered zirconia.

Adjusting zirconia in its green state is an important step towards achieving the desired restorative outcome. The unsintered zirconia is softer and more pliable, facilitating easier adjustments to shape, contours, and occlusal surfaces. However, it is important to handle this process with care to avoid causing irreversible damage to the zirconia. Precision is crucial, and choosing the right tools can make all the difference.


Unsintered Zirconia, a.k.a. green state zirconia


Panther Green shapes were was chosen to provide technicians with the ideal tools for refining surface textures, shaping precise fine points, and creating interproximal space. Furthermore, the introduction of a new diamond adjusting tool has made subtle anatomical adjustments easier than ever before.


Adjusting milled zirconia restorations before sintering saves time in the overall workflow. Since green state adjustments can be made quickly, it reduces the need for time-consuming adjustments after the restoration is fully sintered.


By utilizing Panther Green, labs can achieve improved marginal fit, enhanced aesthetics, easier adjustments, and fewer remakes. Additionally, they can be assured that they are using precise and dependable tools for safe and efficient machining.

Additional Information
  • Made in Germany
  • 104-HP shank size (2.35 mm)
  • Sold 3 per package


General Rotary Instructions


Technical Specifications

Shape SizeOptimal RPMMaximum RPM
Point 4.3 mm x 12 mm 6,000 rpm 20,000 rpm
Disc 15 mm x 0.3 mm 6,000 rpm 20,000 rpm
Spiral 20 mm 6,000 rpm 20,000 rpm
Diamond Adjusting Tool 1.1 mm x 11 mm 25,000 rpm 40,000 rpm

Ordering Information

Shape Item Number
Point #52412
Disc #52415
Spiral #52418
Diamond Adjusting Tool #52421