Schick NH Riveting Hammer

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This Schick Dental NH Riveting Hammer micromotor extension has a multitude of applications. The NH Riveting Hammer has a single standard head and can be used to separate telescopic and conical crowns which are wedged together tightly. The vibrations created in the extension separate the inner and outer copings without harming their delicate marginal areas. Thanks to its compact, right angled design, the pions of lock attachments can be riveted easily and even fractured studs can be released.

  • Quick and easy to handle
  • Robust construction
  • Tempered ram, will not distort
  • Prelubricated ballrace
  • For 2.35 mm diameter chuck handpieces
  • To be used with nearly all motor handpieces

The NH Riveting Hammer is equipped with a single hammer, in a standard style.


NH Riveting Hammer Instructions


Technical Specifications

Compatibility Works with 2.35 mm chucks
Warranty 1 year warranty