Achieve predictable pressings


Offering excellent aesthetics and a wide variety of indications, pressable ceramics are as popular as they have ever been. To help you press with confidence and achieve the most predictable results we've got two great products: Vacalon Disposable Plungers and Z4 Investment.

Vacalon Disposable Plungers are an excellent choice for any type of pressable ceramic system, including the popular e.max system. When you compare our Disposable Plungers to traditional Alox plungers, the choice is obvious. Traditional Alox plungers can become contaminated and deformed, many times leading to cracked rings and problematic results. With Vacalon Disposable Plungers you get a new plunger that fits perfectly into the ring with every use. Offering a far more predictable and effective choice than other plungers.

The investment you use for your pressable ceramics is also another important factor in obtaining predictable results. While many investments claim to work with pressable ceramics, few of them are actually formulated for pressing. Consistent and reliable, Z4 Investment was designed to handle the demands of today's high performance all-ceramics. With Z4 you get a user-friendly product that offers easy working procedures and accurate results, while delivering the heat and strength characteristics required to achieve the perfect press.

Want to try out our disposable plungers or Z4 Investment? Just head over to our sample request page and get your risk-free samples today.