The product with 101 uses


Very often we hear from technicians about new, creative ways that they are using Insta-Peg to make their job easier. Whether they are using it to hold veneers while they complete a staining process, or to insulate a metal post to keep it from heating up too rapidly, we are always amazed by the seemingly endless number of uses laboratories have found for this great product.

Insta-Peg allows you to customize.

When firing porcelain on ceramic or metal pegs things sometimes don't quite balance properly. If the restoration falls off the peg or tilts too much it can lead to catastrophic results. Insta-Peg allows technicians to make sure their crowns stay where they put them and even to create a custom firing platform.

Integrity under fire.

Insta-Peg can endure temperatures up to 1300°C (2375°F) without breaking down, so you can expect clean and stable results. Plus, it will not distort or contaminate during firing. This allows you to take care of multiple tasks at high temperatures without worry or compromise.

Easy to use and clean-up is a snap.

Insta-Peg is packed in a 12 cc syringe so dispensing is simple and the refractory material stays fresh. Most applications require no drying time, so it helps speed up the workflow. Clean up is quick and easy, typically requiring no more than a simple twist or tap.

What makes Insta-Peg such a great product is the versatility that it offers. With so many different uses you simply can't go wrong by bringing Insta-Peg to your lab.

Not sure how you can put Insta-Peg to work in your lab? Just request a free sample and try it out.