Disposable Press Plungers


Vacalon Disposable Plungers can make your pressing process more efficient, but what makes them better than the other brands? Well, we've compiled a simple list and here it is....

1. Better quality
2. Better price
3. We've got 3 sizes to cover all your pressing requirements
4. All our plungers are packed 50 to a box
5. Our protective packaging insures you won't get 200 pieces, when you only ordered 50!

We tell you our plungers are a better product, but how can we prove this? A simple side by side comparison with other brands will show you the huge difference in quality. Our plungers precisely replicate ALOX type plungers, both in size and shape. The pressing head of our plunger has a shoulder with a precisely designed chamfer. This allows the plunger to complete the pressing task without causing ring breakage or other problems.

Lately we've seen other company's plungers that are simply rods of investment cut down to length. While this is a cheap and easy way to make a disposable plunger, you sure can't tell by the price they are charging. These other brands run anywhere from $15 - $25 more per box than our plungers. Plus, to add to the extra cost they package their larger 16 mm/ 5 gr plunger with 25 per box, while ours is packed 50 per box.

So don't be fooled just because a big name company comes out and starts promoting an inferior plunger. Check out the quality for yourself. Look at the pictures below and see the difference in quality.

- In the picture above you can see a crooked cut pressing head. This can lead to problematic results.

- Above we see how the crooked cut gives the other brands plunger an angle. When this plungers is placed in a ring it can lead to cracking and other problems.

- This is a picture of the end of a Vacalon Disposable Plunger. You can see it has been specially designed with a rounded shoulder. This allows pressures to dissipate properly and helps avoid unwanted results.

So be sure to check out all three sizes of Vacalon's Disposable Plungers, or request a Free Sample to give them a try.