Disposable Plungers for e.max System


If your laboratory has recently switched to Ivoclar's e.max all-ceramic system then be sure to check out our Disposable Plungers - because we've got the perfect product for you. We have a specifically designed Disposable Plungers that is completely compatible with this new size of ingot and rings.

Our Disposable Plungers are easier to use than aluminum oxide plungers and they will simplify your ceramic pressing, while providing reliability, convenience and value. Plus they offer:

  • No pre-heating
  • No sand blasting
  • Uniform thermal characteristics reduces chance for problems caused by heating and cooling
  • High strength
  • Simple to use - just press and extract restoration
  • No labor intensive cleaning of reusable plunger
  • Reduced chance for cross contamination
  • Securely packaged to avoid damage to plungers

Our Disposable Plungers are all offered in a pack of 50 per box, and available in 3 different sizes. We currently offer the traditional 12 mm/2 gram ingot size, the newer 13 mm/e.max ingot size and the larger 16 mm/5 gram size.

If you are not using disposable plungers yet you can request a sample to see the benefits they have to offer. If you are currently using another brand of disposable plunger then it is time you switch to Vacalon Disposable Plungers and experience better results and better value