What's your Vacalon Rotary Lineup?


With so many options to choose from it is inevitable that technicians will create their own rotary system for finishing restorations. Beyond the different product choices there are grits, shapes and sizes to choose from. And one tech's preference might not work for another. We're always interested to hear how you're using our rotary products and we thought we would share some of the lineups that techs tell us work for them.

Here is a lineup that a lab we talked to today uses on on their e.max.

  • Arctic Knife-Edge + Wheel for grinding away sprues and connectors.
  • Vega Coarse Knife-Edge + Wheel to go over entire restoration to remove rough scratches.
  • Vega Medium Wheel for blending and smoothing. They really like the even matte finish it produces around the margins.
  • Vega Fine Point + Mounted Wheel to achieve a light luster before glazing.

Create your Vacalon Rotary Lineup today! When you buy 3 or more tools you get 10% off or buy 6 or more and get 20% off.