Accurate models are a necessity


No matter what type of restoration you produce, or how you produce it, bubble-free and accurate model work is an absolute necessity. Using a high quality, predictable dental gypsum is just one part of achieving an accurate pour. Another part of that equation is using a high-performance debubblizer, such as HydroSmooth, to allow the gypsum to freely flow into the mold.

Whatever type of impression or duplication material you are working with there is a pretty good chance the material it is made from has an extremely hydrophobic surface. Materials with a hydrophobic surface will repel water, or in the case of a dental lab mixtures of gypsum and water, and can cause voids, bubble and inaccuracies in the model. Most silicone, poly-vinyl, vinyl, hydrocolloid and other such materials will exhibit this type of behavior. It is kind of like a droplet of water on a freshly waxed car - it beads up without dispersing and rolls right off the surface.

The only way to counter these forces is to apply a product with a surfactant (such as a debubblizer) to the surface of the impression. The debubblizer works to lower, or "break", the surface tension of the material and allows the gypsum mixture to freely flow into all of the cavities in the impression. When the gypsum flows better you get sharper detail, eliminate bubbles and produce an accurate model.

To achieve the most accurate models choose HydroSmooth, the ultimate debubblizing solution for dental laboratories.

  • Uses advanced surfactants that allow gypsum and investment to have better flow
  • Helps to accurately reproduce surface textures and other intricacies
  • Compatible with all impression materials, duplicating materials and gypsums
  • Does not contain harsh chemicals that can cause poor surface texture

To get more information or place an order for HydroSmooth head here. If you are interested in receiving a free sample of HydroSmooth you can easily request a free sample.