Can't mill it? Cast it with Z4.


Big brother got you down and out about your custom implant components? Is your outsourcing bill getting bigger and bigger while your profit margins are getting smaller and smaller? Having someone else do your work doesn't make you more dollars - and it certainly doesn't make sense.

When you use Z4 Investment to cast (or even press) your custom implant components you retain control of your quality, and equally as important you can increase your profitability. Z4 offers unrivaled capabilities that allow you to cast even the finest structures with absolute precision. Material selection can be based on what will deliver the most aesthetically pleasing results while providing the highest levels of functionality. This is a win for the lab, the doctor and most importantly for the patient.

Remove restrictions, achieve the highest level of aesthetics and earn more money with the tools you already have. It's not just possible, it's practical when you use N&V's Z4 Investment. Get started today by requesting a free sample or ordering your box of Z4.