Remove variables with Vacalon Press Plungers


Short presses, split rings, contaminated and cracked ceramic material are just some of the variables that can come with using Aluminum Oxide plungers. In addition, Aluminum Oxide plungers require labor intensive cleaning, including scraping and sandblasting in an attempt to remove the residue left from the pressing process. Not only is the cleaning a costly procedure, but the repeated blasting will eventually cause the plunger to become deformed and the problems more frequent.

Dealing with these types of problems can be frustrating, but removing the unwanted variables can be as simple as making the switch to Vacalon Disposable Press Plungers. Our Press Plungers are strong, extremely accurate and they are sensibly priced. With four different sizes they are designed to work with any type of pressable ceramic system. Our plungers can instantly increase the efficiency of your work flow by eliminating laborious cleaning and costly variables. Vacalon Disposable Plungers will save you time and save you money.

If you're still pressing with traditional Alox pressing plungers then you are missing out. Now is the time to join the countless other dental laboratories that have made the switch to Vacalon Disposable Press Plungers and are enjoying trouble-free pressing.

Getting started is easy, you can request a free sample online, place an order on our website or order from our nationwide network of distributors.