Schick S-Ceramic Milling


The S-Ceramic Milling System from Schick Dental gives laboratories the ability to mill a broader range of materials, including zirconia and pressable ceramics. The system uses a high speed air turbine equipped with water cooling and LED lighting in place of a standard milling spindle. The water cooling helps avoid overheating the ceramic materials, while the LED lighting gives users a clear view of their workpiece.

The S-Ceramic System also deploys a suction tub to combat the dust and water spray arising from the milling process. The suction tub is ergonomically designed to allow users unobstructed access to the work area. In order to ensure that the suction tub can be adapted to commercial and central suction devices there is a specially designed separator that is used to remove the water before reaching the vacuum. Additionally, when milling titanium with a standard milling spindle the suction tub can be used in order to remove unwanted dust from the air.

The S-Ceramic is offered as an upgrade to the S1-Junior, S2-Master or S3-Master. The S-Ceramic System is also available for use with other brands of milling units. Just contact us for more information or to find out if your existing milling machine can be upgraded to an S-Ceramic Milling Machine.