S1 Basic Combination Milling Unit

S1 Basic Combination Milling Unit

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The Schick Dental S1 Basic is a simple, affordable, universal milling machine distinguished by its high quality guidance. The S1 is perfect for any lab as it can complete multiple tasks. The S1 is simple to use and compact enough to allow users to move it around or easily store it while not in use.

The S1 Basic Combination Milling Unit is the option to obtain the complete abilities of the standard S1 Basic System. The S1 Basic Combo Milling Unit is a simple, universal milling machine distinguished by its high quality guidance. Whether surveying, transferring, blocking out or milling - The S1 Basic combo unit does it all. The S1 Basic combination unit fuses the S1 Basic base unit together with Schick's motor technology to create a complete unit for all your needs.

Powerful Milling Spindle
The S1 includes a robust milling spindle that is powered by Schick’s long lasting motor technology. The milling spindle is vibration free and burs can be changed rapidly.

Control Unit
The easy to use control unit allows users to select the specific speed they require, from 1,000 to 40,000 rpm.

3D Milling Arms
The S1 Milling Arm offers effortless and stable three dimensional movements due to the ball bearing guides. The jointed arm can be moved up and down to allow users to work at the desired level.

Rapid Tension Levers
All of the lever and knobs on the S1 Basic are rapid tension, for fast locking or unlocking. This allows users to easily fix the S1 in the position they require for their milling tasks.

The S1 Basic can accept almost every option in the Schick Dental arsenal. This includes the ability to upgrade your S1 Basic with the S1-Ceramic Milling Set that allows for work with pressable ceramics and Zirconium.

  • Ball guides insure easy motion, stable, articulated arms
  • Exchangeable milling spindle
  • Rapid lever tension
  • Easy handling
  • Accepts most Schick milling accessories, including the S1-Ceramic Upgrade Kit

The Schick Dental S1 Basic Combination Milling Unit comes with the following:

  • S1 Basic Unit which includes Milling Unit and Model Table
  • Control Unit which includes Control Box and Motor with Milling Spindle Complete


S1 Basic Combination Milling Unit Instructions


Technical Specifications

S1 Basic Combination Unit  
Speed Range 1,000 - 40,000 rpm
Torque Max 6.7 Ncm
Milling Unit Dimensions 200 mm X 320 mm X 225 mm
Milling Unit Weight 5.2 kg
Control Unit Dimensions 155 mm X 75 mm X 155 mm
Control Unit Weight 670 g
Rated Voltage 115 V
Rated Frequency 50/60 Hz
Concentricity < 0.015 mm
Chucks 2.35 mm (standard), 3.0 mm (special order)
Warranty 1 year warranty.