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The Schick Dental S2 Profi milling device combines the high quality of the S-Series with the need for an economical product solution. The S2 Profi milling device completely satisfies the requirements of the S-family for safe and perfect milling. It ranks between the S1 Basic and the S3 Master thanks to its more sophisticated technical features and showcases a genuine all-round milling device.

When developing the S2 Profi, special emphasis was placed on a high-quality configuration that was simultaneously in line with standard usage, together with a compact design.

The S2 Profi has a milling spindle with brushless Schick technology. This makes it possible to have revolutions of up to 40.000 rpm with a powerful torque and is therefore also best suited for treating particularly tough materials. The model table can be securely fixed in place on the S2 Profi magnetically. The LED light head integrated in the milling spindle provides for a shadow-free lighting during all milling work and thus permits an optimal view. For more intricate milling work, the S2 Profi is equipped with a finely adjustable depth stop.

High Capacity Motor
The Schick S2 is powered by Schick renowned motor technology. The powerful motor is quiet running and vibration free. The motor offers full power throughout the entire speed range, and precise concentricity is guaranteed.

Patented Schick LED Lighting
Schick patented LED lighting gives users an unobstructed view of the work, without shadows or having to position exterior lighting. The LED lighting is seamlessly integrated into the S2 for easy control.

Magnetic Fixation
The work table uses magnetic fixation to keep model holders or other attachments firmly in place.

Solid Double Jointed Arm and Milling Post
Moving in an effortless and uniform manner thanks to ball bearing guidance the arm can be positioned quickly and easily. All of the lever and knobs on the S2 Profi are rapid tension, for fast locking or unlocking. This allows users to easily fix the S2 in the position they require for their milling tasks.

The S2 Profi can accept almost every option in the Schick Dental arsenal. This includes the ability to upgrade your S2 Profi with the S2-Ceramic Milling Set that allows for work with pressable ceramics and Zirconium. Another frequently purchased accessory is the #2052/1 Measuring Spindle which allows your S2 Profi to operate in a high end surveying mode.

S2 Profi Milling unit includes complete milling unit with milling motor and spindle with LED lighting. The S2 Profi does not come with the #2407 Model Table.


S2 Profi Milling Unit Instructions


Technical Specifications

S2 Profi  
Speed Range 1000 - 40,000 rpm
Torque Max 7 Ncm
Milling Unit Dimensions 240 mm X 507 mm X 345 mm
Milling Unit Weight 13 kg
Rated Voltage 100 - 240V
Rated Frequency 50/60 Hz
Concentricity < 0.015 mm
Chuck Size 2.35 mm (standard), 3.0 mm (special order)
Warranty 1 year warranty.